About Us


Convincing communication in English is the key to personal effectiveness in the modern world.


To provide world-class education and training in all spheres of commuinication in English language.


We specialize in English teaching. We tailor our teaching methods at the highest level of competence in all communication channels : Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Understanding English.

All the students are given special attention and are observed carefully to ensure their continuous success within the program. They learn English and develop a personality along with having lots of fun.

The director Ms. Leena Upadhyaya also takes the sessions regularly to address the individual needs of the students to assist and guide them on a personal level. The teachers are well-trained and have several years of experience in our methods of teaching.

Teaching Methods

We endeavor to give the students an understanding of English language and the common mistakes they make. We have group discussions, debates, role-plays and one-to-one interactions in the class-rooms. Emphasis is placed on conversation and self-expression.

English Environment

We strive to provide an English environment in the class where there is minimum use of the vernacular. Students are not permitted to speak in their mother-tongue in the class. Students are encouraged to watch TV serials, films and news in English.

Special Care of Weak Students

Extra sessions are held for those who are weak in English so as to speed up their progress and build their confidence, with no additional fees.

English Weekend Workshops

Weekend workshops are organized for those who are unable to attend regular weekday batches. These workshops are particularly helpful to college students and working professionals who have irregular or long working hours.


  • Learn as per your need.
  • Each learning program is based on comprehensive exercises that identifies the areas each student needsto learn.
  • Schedule your sessions and learn at your convenience.
  • Working days Monday to Friday
  • Working hours 8 am to 12 noon, evening 4 pm to 7 pm. Each session is of 2 hours.